Thursday, March 12, 2020

Advanced Cubicles & Compromises - WWHF:WW 2020 Virtual

Another one in the books. Thanks to everyone that attended Wild West Hackin' Fest: Way West - Virtual Edition Advanced Cubicles and Compromises Workshop. We had a great workshop with new injects around the Corona Virus and COVID-19. We are very sensitive to this issue so we focused on how a team responds to rapidly getting remote work infrastructure online and the pitfalls of missing security reviews from fast deployments.

A few items we learned from virtual:

  1. In the future have hidden YouTube links that are provided during the injects for remove viewers to watch from home. This will address any audio issues from video and audio injects in Keynote. 
  2. During presentation have the ability to have Discord up as well as the GoToMeeting chat. 
It was a great learning experience on doing this virtually and I hope the attendees got a lot out of the information in the workshop. 

I've uploaded a video update below that talks about the new injects and includes the video and audio content. If you were on for the workshop and couldn't hear well or are just curious what we did check out the below:

All the materials can be found below including the slides from the workshop:

Enjoy and feel free to hit me up un email [email protected] or twitter @eanmeyer.